The Agency

Settled on the right bank of the River Seine for many years, our knowledge of the market and our experience are key assets. Advice and involvement are our trademark.

Founded in February 2020, Côté Cour Agency is the achievement of our will to work in accordance with our values, to put the principle of service at the core of our business practices, and to prioritise quality relationships with our clients… they are the best vehicle of our notoriety.

A close-knit and efficient team

Sandra DELÈGUE, empathy and integrity

Manager of the agency, expert on the Rouen City Centre, the duty to advise is her philosophy, the joint ownership rules and regulations are her cup of tea. If you wish to get a valuable opinion, you are at the right agency ! And as competence does not exclude originality, you might be rapidly convinced by her crafted approach.

Céline MERCIER, rigour and humaneness

Independent real estate advisor, specialist of the Northern Neighbourhoods of Rouen, she knows everything about town planning, the PLUI (Urban Local Town Planning) is her bedside book. Whenever she does not know, she digs, she scrapes, with the sole goal of concisely informing sellers and buyers. She even has a touch of humour now.

Christian PAUL, common sense and benevolence

Independent real estate advisor, he is the latest member of the crew. Comfortable in his colourful shirts, he is a real estate gentleman, he will ensure a smooth running of your project for he will provide you with the right information at the right moment. Cherry on the cake, if you wish to carry out a viewing in English, he is the man for the job.

Values and choices that can be surprising

A small team

  • Because working in a spirit of trust is essential
  • Because it enables us to share our experiences on a daily basis, to think together in order to bring you the best advice, the best strategy
  • Because the smaller the team, the more involved we are
  • Because you can be sure you will get a single point of contact

A limited number of contracts

  • Because doing the right thing takes time
  • Because we require to be thoroughly informed about your property in order to thoroughly inform your buyer
  • Because we need to know your profile to propose you properties that will match you… and reassure your seller
  • Because you should demand that we spend time with you to buy or sell your property with total peace of mind
  • Because we remain true to our values and to the Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Trade, we are always at the cutting edge of regulatory and legal changes in our industry that could exert influence on the interests you entrusted to us
  • Because taking time eventually means saving time

An agency that differs from the others

  • Because first and foremost, it must be a common place to exchange views and warmth
  • Because putting forward your visibility seems more important than our own visibility. We emphasise a multi-site communication method rather than a hardly-up-to-date showcase.

We look forward to welcoming you to our agency

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